Thursday, September 24, 2015

Outpost Performance Space to Feature Albuquerque Jazz Orchestra

Albuquerque, New Mexico defense attorney Geoffrey Scovil provides legal representation with a particular focus on habeas corpus. Outside of his professional obligations, Geoffrey Scovil supports the Outpost Performance Space, a nonprofit arts organization that offers musical performances, classes, and educational programs to the community.

Outpost Productions is planning to host a performance by the Albuquerque Jazz Orchestra (AJO) in early November. Established in 1892 by Pancho Romero, the orchestra includes 19 members and features a mixture of professional and semi-professional musicians. The AJO also frequently performs alongside a variety of guest artists. Its past list of guest performers include John Fedchok, Pete Christlieb, and jazz trumpet legend Bobby Shrew. For its performance at Outpost, AJO will be accompanied by Albuquerque vocalist extraordinaire Hillary Smith.

The Albuquerque Jazz Orchestra will perform at the Outpost Performance Space on the evening of November 5, 2015. Tickets for the event cost $20 per person, although students and Outpost members may purchase discounted tickets at $15. While tickets are available online through Outpost’s website, they may also still be available at the door or via its onsite box office.

For more information or to purchase tickets, please visit

Monday, August 31, 2015

When to Visit Morocco

Geoffrey Scovil is an experienced attorney currently practicing habeas corpus law at his own law office in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Away from work, Geoffrey Scovil enjoys traveling outside of Albuquerque and has visited such exotic places as Morocco.

Due to its wide variety of regions, Morocco is a popular destination for tourists throughout the year. Summertime is considered the peak season for travel in Morocco. Between July and September, the beaches are busy and many locals return from mainland Europe for a break from work. However, summer weather can get extremely hot, particularly in the Sahara Desert between June and August. Room rates increase during these months, especially in Marrakech, and some hotels close to avoid the heat.

Between November and February the temperatures are a bit more manageable during the day. Evenings often get cold during the winter months, and both northern Morocco and the high Atlas Mountains experience significantly colder and rainier weather than the rest of the country. However, visiting a bit earlier in the winter season offers better weather and more affordable accommodations.

Spring is regarded as the best time for visiting certain areas in the country, including Marrakech and some mountain areas. Spring lasts from March through May and brings with it nice weather and fantastic views of the area’s lush greenery and blossoms. Easter is a hugely popular time for visiting, so it will be much busier and likely more expensive. This is also the case for many holidays celebrated in Morocco.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Three Tips for Beginning Bass Players

Over the course of his career as a private practice attorney in New Mexico, Geoffrey “Geoff” Scovil has emerged as a leading criminal defense attorney in the Albuquerque area. Outside of work, Geoff Scovil enjoys learning to play the bass guitar.

Here are three quick tips to help beginning bass players become proficient at playing their instrument:

1. Slow down.

All too often, beginning musicians try to play complicated songs too quickly, skipping over essential techniques in the process. It may not be as exciting, but slowing down to master basic techniques is more beneficial in the long term.

2. Try new things.

While it is important to take it slow at first, it’s also important to step outside of one’s comfort zone every now and then. The only way to get better is to challenge yourself with new songs and practice them at length.

3. Play with other people.

In all likelihood, most of your practice will take place alone. Don’t discount the value of playing with more experienced musicians, however, as they can show you useful tips and tricks.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Preventing Running Injuries

Geoffrey (Geoff) Scovil, an accomplished habeas corpus attorney and solo practitioner in Albuquerque, New Mexico, maintains an active, outdoor lifestyle when he has a break from his work as an attorney. Geoff Scovil not only enjoys hiking and playing several sports, but he is also an avid runner.

For runners, some of the most common injuries result from the join stress and repetitive movements inherent with the activity. However, through proper training progression, runners can often prevent overuse injuries. If you are new or have not run in a while, starting slowly promotes muscle conditioning and decreases your risk of injury. For instance, a regular walking program strengthens joints and tendons, while cross-training exercises helps with building stamina until your body is fully ready for running. Regardless of the preparation, runners should learn to recognize their limits and understand when to increase exercise intensity and when to pull back.

Maintaining proper posture, balance, and technique also help prevent running injuries. Strengthening the hip muscles, for instance, ensures your entire legs are stable enough to keep you balanced while running. Meanwhile, consider the length of your stride. Although many individuals do not think about stride, over-striding puts you at risk of certain stress fractures. Shorter strides, on the other hand, allow for lower-impact steps and can reduce running-related pain.