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Preventing Running Injuries

Geoffrey (Geoff) Scovil, an accomplished habeas corpus attorney and solo practitioner in Albuquerque, New Mexico, maintains an active, outdoor lifestyle when he has a break from his work as an attorney. Geoff Scovil not only enjoys hiking and playing several sports, but he is also an avid runner.

For runners, some of the most common injuries result from the join stress and repetitive movements inherent with the activity. However, through proper training progression, runners can often prevent overuse injuries. If you are new or have not run in a while, starting slowly promotes muscle conditioning and decreases your risk of injury. For instance, a regular walking program strengthens joints and tendons, while cross-training exercises helps with building stamina until your body is fully ready for running. Regardless of the preparation, runners should learn to recognize their limits and understand when to increase exercise intensity and when to pull back.

Maintaining proper posture, balance, and technique also help prevent running injuries. Strengthening the hip muscles, for instance, ensures your entire legs are stable enough to keep you balanced while running. Meanwhile, consider the length of your stride. Although many individuals do not think about stride, over-striding puts you at risk of certain stress fractures. Shorter strides, on the other hand, allow for lower-impact steps and can reduce running-related pain.


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