Thursday, May 19, 2016

Jazz and Latin Music Course Offerings at Outpost Performance Space

Geoffrey Scovil has served the Albuquerque, New Mexico area for the last 18 years as an attorney operating out of his own firm. Outside of his professional life as one of the leading habeas corpus contractors for the State of New Mexico Public Defender Department, Geoffrey Scovil supports Outpost Performance Space—a community-based Performing Arts Center that specializes in live music (jazz, roots, folk, world, and more), education, and art.

Children and adults interested in learning more about jazz and Latin music have the opportunity to enroll in classes at the Outpost Performance Space. With spring classes recently having wrapped up, the next opportunities for these music courses will be open this fall. Here's what aspiring learners can expect from a class at the center.

Jazz improvisation classes for youth are taught by Sharon Eldridge. As part of her curriculum, she focuses on the basic elements of music and improvisation. Students are able to participate with their instruments in free expression sessions, both in individual and group settings. The ultimate goal for these courses is to group students of similar aptitude levels together for learning and to develop ensemble groups.

Jazz classes for adults are taught by Kanoa Kaluhiwa and Jim Ahrend. These courses center on ear training, song forms, music theory, and development of rhythm.

In addition to jazz, Latin music classes for both youth and adults of intermediate skill are also available under instructor C├ęsar Bauvallet.

For more information about jazz or Latin music classes, contact the Outpost Performance Space in Albuquerque at (505) 268-0044 or visit

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