Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Improving Your Softball Hitting

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When working to improve your softball hit, a good place to start is with your grip. Having the wrong grip can play a significant role in how well you hit a softball. Ideally, pressure is applied with your fingers and not your palms. You control the swing using your bottom hand while providing loose support using your top hand. If you want more control, you can grip the bat higher up, but this usually results in a decrease in power. To get the most power behind your swings, hold the bat relatively high up so that your elbows point down and face your target. Keeping your hands roughly 4 inches away from your body also gives you ample room to complete the swing.

If your grip and hand positions are good, then the problem might be coming from your stance. Make sure your feet are positioned shoulder-width apart so that they line up in the direction of home plate. As you swing the bat, your body weight shifts from your back foot to your front foot. Your hips should rotate along with your upper body during the follow-through, but your head and eyes should stay in one place. For most pitches coming down the middle of home plate, you want to make contact with the ball around the area of your front hip. Inside pitches require contact a bit earlier than outside pitches, which should be hit around your back hip.

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