Thursday, October 27, 2016

Curbing Gender Disparity in Politics

As an attorney practicing habeas corpus law on contract for the New Mexico Law Office of the Public Defender in Albuquerque, Geoffrey “Geoff” Scovil handles cases ranging from misdemeanors to murder cases. Apart from defending clients who are indigent in criminal cases in Albuquerque and all around New Mexico, Geoffrey Scovil and his wife support organizations such as Emerge New Mexico, a foundation that trains and empowers women who are running for office as Democrats.

Although women are breaking down barriers in business and other professional fields such as law and medicine, gender disparity still exists in politics. The best solution to the problem of the under representation of women, according to Shane Gilbert, an intern at Emerge New Mexico, is to educate and encourage women to run for Congress. Gilbert believes that while organizations like Emerge New Mexico advocate for women, everyone should support the cause to diminish or totally end gender disparity, as it benefits future generations not only in the workplace and politics, but in all facets of life.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The Youth Opera Program of the Outpost Performance Space

With approximately two decades of legal experience, Albuquerque resident Geoffrey Scovil focuses on habeas corpus law. The sole practitioner at the Albuquerque firm that bears his name, he functions as a leading legal contractor for the State of New Mexico Public Defender Department. Beyond dispatching his professional obligations, Geoffrey Scovil supports Albuquerque’s Outpost Performance Space.

A fine arts organization that hosts various musical and fine arts shows, the Outpost Performance Space was founded in 1988 and is supported through a membership program, advertising, donations, grants, and sponsorships. It also maintains several educational initiatives targeted at children and young adults, including the Youth Opera Program.

Designed for children between the ages of 4 and 14 and originally a part of the Santa Fe Opera outreach initiative, the Youth Opera Program provides a learning environment where youth collaborate to produce a short opera. Children learn a range of skills during the eight-week program, including choreography, costume design, harmonies, and lyrics.