Monday, January 30, 2017

Increasing Your Cycling Speed

Albuquerque, New Mexico, attorney Geoffrey “Geoff” Scovil focuses on habeas corpus law and is one of the leading habeas corpus contractors for the state. He possesses more than two decades of legal experience, including work as public defender and felony trial lawyer. In his free time, Geoffrey Scovil enjoys biking around Albuquerque and beyond.

Some of the simplest ways of increasing your cycling speed involve changing how your ride your bike. As you ride, wind resistance slows you down, so you should try to reduce this as much as possible. Keep your elbows tucked in closer to your body and lower your body at the waist as much as possible. If your bike has a drop-handle, riding lower is much easier. Simply place your hands on the drops to lower your overall stance. However, keep in mind that doing this can make it more difficult to reach the brakes and may be a strain on the back.

Fortunately, back strain and brakes can easily be dealt with. In terms of braking, it is actually better to reduce your use of the brakes. Every time you brake, you have to spend extra time getting back up to speed. This reduces your overall cycling speed. Further, stretching can help reduce back strain, as can regular exercise and good nutrition. While these may seem unrelated to increasing cycling speed, they actually can play a role. Exercise helps you lose excess body weight and makes a big difference when it comes to your speed. Nutrition has a similar effect on weight and, thus, promotes increased speed.

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